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Top 4 Juicers In The Market

Juicing is a relishing experience and feels nice on the taste buds with every sip of the healthy beverage we consume. Juices provide the much needed supply of nutrients – vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to the body. They actually slow down the process of digestion and release a steady dose of nutrients into the blood stream. Following are the top juicers of 2017 according to JUICER.

Green Star Juicer

Green Star Elite JuicerGreen Star juicers are manufactured by the Tribest Corporation. These juicers are one of the best twin gear juicers on the market and they are available between the price range of $300 and $500. Through different modules Green Star juicers have contributed to the upkeep of health by their method used in juicing fruits and vegetables. While strengthening the body through essential nutrients, juices also activate the metabolism of the body, thus enhancing the immune system and preventing diseases.

Green Star juicers have been well known among consumers for their service, quality, and durability over the years. Most of the Green Star juicer models come in with a warranty of 5-year warranty, while in some models the warranty can be extended up to 12 years.

Omega 8006
Omega 8006 juicerThe Omega 8006, is a masticating juicer that is manufactured by the Legacy company, Florida. It has a powerful motor, that thoroughly crushes up the produce to extract vital nutrients through the produce it processes. The dual stage system of juicing in the system makes sure that there is no foaming, clogging, or heat built up. It rotates at a speed of 80 RPM and ensures maximum efficiency in juicing out a high yield from the pulp. The dry pulp goes into an automatic pulp-ejection component, thereby ensuring the juicing process is continuous

The Omega 8006 is easy to operate, clean, and almost a no-noise machine. Apart from juicing, this juicer can be used for preparing baby foods, to grind coffee and spice, mincing herbs, and as a mini floor-mill too. This juicer, comes in with a warranty of 15 years and is priced at around $300. High quality and durability towards its customers are two key factors that have made them so popular among home users.

Kuvings Juicer
kuvings whole slow juicerThe Kuvings wide mouth juicer is a masticating juicer that is available between the price range of $300 and $500. Kuvings wide mouth juicers are manufactured by Kuvings Malaysia. This juicer comes in with the widest feed chute in the market, which is approximately three inches wide, thus saving a lot of preparation and cleaning time.

The juicer uses an Ultem screen and an auger, saving us the risk of cracking any of the two critical parts. The auger rotates at a speed of 50-60 RPM. The entire juicer comes in with a 10-year warranty. The smart rotating cleaning brush makes the cleaning simple and less time consuming. Dripping from the juicer is avoided because of the smart cap feature that the juicer has. The product is made using only eco-friendly materials. It has been approved by FDA and NSF. The juicer comes along with a recipe book that is quite handy for beginners.

Breville Fountain Elite Juicer

breville juicerThe Breville Fountain Elite juicer is one of the most powerful juicer that can extract up to 30% of extra juice compared to traditional juicer models. It is manufactured by Breville, USA and is available between the price range of $300 and $400. The Italian made motor of the juicer is extremely powerful and comes with a dual speed adjustment. The feeder chute is quite large enough to accommodate whole fruits, thereby producing nutritional juice in a matter of few seconds. The juice gets dispensed directly into a plastic pitcher. It also has an integral foam skimmer. The mesh basket filters out the pulp. A safety arm is an additional feature that prevents this juicer from working, if the covering is not right. An overload protection button protects the processor against overheating.

Juicing is very essential for a healthy living. Before purchasing a particular juicer, do a complete research in terms of efficiency, durability, affordability, and warranty that these juicers offer.