Sadly, Deborah Turbeville lost her valiant battle with lung cancer on October 24th, 2013. Her friends and family are very devastated by her loss. Check back often for updates and for news on her memorial.
Deborah Turbeville was born in Massachusetts and raised in New England. When she was twenty years old she moved to New York City to work with designer Claire McCardell. Having a fond interest in designer clothing Deborah became a fashion editor. It was not long after that she realized that her heart was in photography. She has been taking amazing and often very different photographs ever since.
Turbeville divided her time between New York and Mexico and always spent a great deal of time in St. Petersburg, Russia..the city that inspires her most. In 2002 she received a Fullbright scholarship for a lecture series on Photography at the Baltic School of Photography in Russia. In 2005 she taught at the Smolney Institut, also in St. Petersburg on behalf of Bard College. From 2006 on Deborah's travels took her to Europe taking beautiful photos of people and places as only Deborah can see them. 
Deborah's work continues to entice and excite. Young artists would seek her out for her direction, advice, wisdom and ever-youthful outlook on the way she visualized life.
She was one of kind and will be remembered as the woman who changed the face of fashion photography.



Cheers to you Deborah
You will be missed