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Benefits of Using Rice Cooker

My sister just joined the college and rented an apartment for her own. While helping her set up her kitchen over the weekend, I saw that she didn’t have a rice cooker while she loves rice a lot. She can cook loads of dishes of rice and loves to eat them plain too (I know, it tastes bland). She cooks them in a pot, like an age old granny. I told her the benefits of using a rice cooker and what difference can it make to her dishes. I thought about the number of people still cooking rice without the rice cookers and thought of drafting a list of all the benefits of rice cookers to motivate them for buying one.

cooking rice in a rice cookerRice cookers make cooking rice altogether different experience. Forget peeking inside the steaming pot, putting the ingredients in exact amount, dealing with the starchy goo if the rice bubbled out and getting fretful over the texture and taste of the rice. The rice cookers ask of you to just put the rice and water in them, put the power on and wait till the device signals the completion of the cooking. You will be served with the perfectly cooked rice.

The rice cookers come with the versatile options of cooking rice, porridge, steaming vegetables, soya chunks, meat, making soups, stews and other such things. So, investing some amount in a single rice cooker will relieve you of a number of worries and you can take a rest while the rice is being cooked.  To ensure you buy only the best and high quality rice cooker, see the list of best rice cookers published by the Chef Brazil. Chef Brazil editors review the best rice cookers with videos, price comparisons, and user reviews. There are smart rice cookers in the markets too. These rice cookers allow you to cook more than one types of rice such as sweet rice, porridge rice, white rice, brown rice, GABA rice, UMAMI rice, sushi rice and regular rice.

smart rice cookerThese days, the rice cookers come with the ability to control the texture of the rice and make wet rice, dry rice, sticky rice etc. With the availability of the technology advancements such as the artificial intelligence, the rice cookers have also employed its elements such as the fuzzy logic which makes the cooking all the more better. The fuzzy logic works as per the human uncertainty and cooks the best rice even if the measurements have gone a bit wrong.

Another plus point of using rice cookers is that the cleaning is easier in the case of rice cookers. The rice cookers come with a non-stick pan which means that just one swipe with soap and you are free. While cooking rice in pots is really tough on your elbows as the rice sticks to the bottom and you have to scrub real hard to get it clean.

Well, what are you thinking now? Stop being a granny and order a rice cooker suitable to your kitchen and budget. Start cooking perfect rice easy and stop loathing the starchy mess on the rice pots. Happy cooking..!!